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Administration and registration department is the first station that starts his/her university life and they will be in touch all the way thought until they graduate.

As the student begins his/her university life after they are accepted in the university, then he/her will be enrolled, cancellation, suspension, graded, transfer for major, transfer local center, transfer international center.

The information that the student needs will be presented to them by the administration and registration department at any time needed


Towards quality and commitment to applying the latest technology in  accordance with the overall quality standards.


Achieve academic excellence by offering outstanding service to both students and professors

Tasks & Services

1. Accepting a new student
2. Equaliztion of courses
3. Transition between programs 
4. Request for transfer between regional centers
5. Request for transfer between international branches
6. Request a summer semester in another branch
7. Request for postponement of the semester
8. Request withdrawal from headquarters
9. withdrawal from the university
10. Requirements for graduation and issuance of a document
11. Issuing certificate asubstitute for a lost certificate 
12. Issuing the academic record

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Male-Ext   :  7573 – 7574 – 7575
Female-Ext:  7571 - 7572

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